An Open Mind:

I have long considered Penn Jillette a brilliant entertainer but lately he is revealing himself as not only a man with a highly curious mind but one that is wide open to differing ideas and perspectives. He is eager to speak the truth as he sees it but also willing to listen for it in others and not be cornered into any ideology. He seems supremely comfortable in his own skin. A seeker. A thoughtful and rational man.

Have a listen.

Via Breitbart TV


2 responses to “An Open Mind:

  1. Thanks for finding that. I blogged it along as fast as I could. Very impressive man.

  2. I have liked Penn for awhile now. He’s got his own opinions like everyone but at least he seems to be rational about it and I think he probably arrives at his stances through introspection and research, not solely through a prism of “feelings” and peer pressure.

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