Westsoundmodern…Master of disguise.


I have a record executive and a movie producer both coming up from LA next week to look at my place for sale so I’ll be busy plastering “Free Polanski” bumper stickers over the Bush ’04 ones and otherwise scrubbing my pad of anything that might tip them off as to my rabid rightwingfascistracisthomoislamophobic tendancies.

Any ideas from you readers on how to further assure these potential buyers that I am one of “them” would be greatly appreciated.


2 responses to “Westsoundmodern…Master of disguise.

  1. What are you ashamed of?

    Just show them your blog Mark.

    I’m sure they’d be interested in American Digest too.

  2. It’s not shame I feel Arthur. It’s fear of the well known left wing tolerance of opposing viewpoints.

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