Smoke Up Johnny!


So…after what doctors called a “palsey” (it was a stroke) in a small vein behind my left eye a few months back caused me to go cross eyed for two weeks, I’ve taken up smoking again after 15 years. What the fuck is wrong with me? I can’t wait for my liver to show signs of swelling so I can up my alcohol consumption.


8 responses to “Smoke Up Johnny!

  1. Livers are overrated. Mine hasn’t worked for years and I’m just fine.

  2. Not so sure I could get by being a cross eyed real estate agent.

  3. Stop that right now !!! Mom

  4. I was wondering how long it would be before you read this.

  5. I hate being a tattletale, but Don clued me in. Didn’t you learn anything by watching your father??

  6. Don’t forget to give up any exercise you might have been taking as well.

    Increasing one’s consumption of food and alcohol isn’t enough.


  7. Not to worry Arthur. The most exercise I get these days is typing blog posts. Some of them leave me quite winded. To think that I used to commute by bike to the north end of the U district from the top of Queen Anne hill every day

  8. Those were the days eh? I ride over to visit my father at Providence Mt. St. Vincent on top of 35th in West Seattle. Hits the spot. And by the time I’ve exercised a bit I can actually face the nursing home. Don’t misunderstand. MSV is a marvelous facility but it’s tough sometimes watching the oldster fade.

    Moving back to the city or will you continue to Kitsap?

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