Town Hall Meetings Explained for Progs:

The suns out and the days are getting shorter. Why waste time with a long winded rant when a simple picture will do.


Be sure and bring some paper. May I suggest Newsweek or perhaps The Nation ?

Image via Maggie’s Farm.


6 responses to “Town Hall Meetings Explained for Progs:

  1. So run for office. Make a difference.

    What’s holding you back?

  2. And get the Palin treatment from the compassionate left? Too many skeletons in my closet.

  3. Well that lets you off the hook.


    It’s just more fun to denigrate entire populations isn’t it?

    Voters = Good

    ‘Politicans’ = Bad

  4. Or,

    Voters = Victims.

  5. What’s the matter Arthur, no sense of humor?

    Or does this fall into the “can dish it out, but can’t take it” column?

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