Free Boat:


The thing is, I should know better by now.

I’ve had many boats over the years. Wood, glass, sail and power. The one thing, the only thing I thought I had learned in burning through stacks of money while stewarding these craft through my ownership period was that boats are never ever free. Typically you purchase them in a fit of romance for an inflated price, spend every spare second better devoted to more utilitarian purposes such as gainful employment or quality time with family and loved ones slaving over them, blow every nickle you have a a few that you don’t getting her ready for a very few glorious summer weekends of use per season.  Then when the romance starts to wear thin, and the romance always wears thin, you sell her for a fraction of what you paid excluding the hundreds of hours of back breaking labor in self performed maintenence, vowing never again.

Two weeks ago with summer waning, in a moment of weakness I again succumbed to the lure. This time the boat was free! All I had to do was haul it away and let the fun begin!! It appeared to need only a little cleaning up and some minor repair. A hundred or so hours later and many more hundreds of dollars, it is no where near ready for christening. It’s looking better but is past the point of aesthetic improvement and needs a few prohibitively expensive parts to make her seaworthy. Winter is fast approaching. I do not have a carport or garage.

The thing is, I should know better by now.


12 responses to “Free Boat:

  1. Is the picture a before or after?

  2. I’ve heard it said that the best two days in a boat owners life are the day he buys it, and the day he sells it.

    There was a time when I believed that I wanted to be a boat owner. Then a good friend bought one. After watching his trials and tribulations, I realized that no, I did not want a boat.

    After all, horses are so much easier. Ummm, wait….

  3. Owning and restoring a wooden boat transcends all those mundane practical considerations.

    Just erect a tent/roof over her with a few poles and a tarp.

    Forget about selling her just enjoy her for the work of art she is.


  4. I get the boats so they’ll chase me Daphne.

    What do you take me for Mike? Thank God I didn’t get a wooden boat this time. I’ve done three or four restorations and while the end product has always been worthwhile, they are labors of love with LABOR being the very key word there. I’m not sure if I ever want to do that much sanding again.

    Before or after!? Very funny mom.

    As you know Buckskins, a horse like an old boat requires a bit of work before you can enjoy them. So far none of my boats have thrown me in a bramble patch and tried to step on me however.

  5. Quite right, Mark.

    And, in the plus category for the boat, when you aren’t using it, it doesn’t have to be fed and watered daily.

  6. “And, in the plus category for the boat, when you aren’t using it, it doesn’t have to be fed and watered daily.”

    Only if its beached or on a trailer. If it is in the water it requires constant attention.

    That’s one reason I build small boats now rather than big ones!

  7. Better than the one I got from a swamp I had to dig mine out of the mud and replant the trees growing in her. Mine was fibre glass and has taken about a months of days to restore. you can see her on “Its a bugger when I see good in everything”she looks good.Cheers Stewart

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