Don’t look down:

Here’s a little something for you readers afraid of heights.

I think I saw this at Sippican’s other place a while back.



Gerard informs that it was he who first linked and lets me know that he is watching.


4 responses to “Don’t look down:

  1. Sippican’s a punk. I had this back in 2008 and probably even before.

  2. Ha! I knew I’d seen it at one of the blogospheres finer establishments. Credit given where credit due.

  3. Jeezus. This is the stuff of which my nightmares are made, given I’ve left my fingerprints in bare aluminum and steel (radar antennae) all over the Free World… about which… said antennae were less high and probably MUCH more stable. I got 2:41 into the vid before I had to quit and go see where this was filmed. Nope. This is NOT me.

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