Any Ideas On How We Get Outa Here?

painted into corner

It has been awe inspiring to watch the speed with which the Dem’s have allowed themselves to be painted into a rather severe political corner. Faced with a bit of opposition on cap and trade and then on healthcare, mostly from the powerless Right after having run as the party of bi-partisan national reconciliation, they have inexplicably lashed out at anyone, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, who would dare question their attempts to fundamentally restructure the governments relationship with its citizens, referring to them as brownshirts and organized mobs rather than openly discussing the ramifications of these changes as was explicitly promised by what was to have been the most transparent and ethical administration in living memory. It seems that when you promise hope and change and rainbows and instead deliver brass knuckle Chicago style politics to the mostly elderly citizens attending these town hall meetings, Americans will notice and are taken aback somewhat. Go figure.

I suspect that Obama, being a political survivor of the highest order and still early in his Presidency will find a way out of this mess that he has curiously inflicted upon himself, but at other times I wonder. For someone who was supposed to bring everyone into a big circle jerk of Kumbayah bi-partisanship, he has shown himself to be remarkably clumsy and out of touch in this regard.

Hubris can be a necessary but sometime cruel master to those who practice the art of politics. In the game of power, foes and erstwhile allies alike will possess contingency plans. In the fevered rush to implement his statist agenda through bullying rather than reasoning, Obama may find he is the last man in the room when push comes to shove. He may find himself alone when the voice of political survival whispers into the ear of those who make a career of self interest. Wouldn’t it be a strange turn of events if Obama himself this time ended up being the one tossed under the bus in the interests of power.


16 responses to “Any Ideas On How We Get Outa Here?

  1. Here’s the problem. The Dems own and are owned in turn by Obama. The Dems know that, for many of them, passing healthcare will be political suicide. At the same time, the safe seat Democrats need to have healthcare passed to stay safe. The latter have to persuade the former to take one for the team.

    On top of this, there’s the Dems savior, Obama, that the Dems can’t have fail.

    It’s sort of like the time after the pup-tent in Brokeback Mountain. They just can’t quit him.

  2. Probably wishful thinking on my part. The Congressional Dems turned on Carter but like you say they probably can’t afford to turn on their savior. I suspect Obama will toss a few bones to the bluedogs to get something passed, the press will report it as political genius on his part, and we the sheeple will go along.
    Ew. Did you have to say “pup-tent” in the context of that scene in brokeback Mountain?

  3. I think Obama will probably continue to do as he is but those who are carrying water for him will redouble their efforts and by the time elections roll around folks will have forgotten why they were upset. That, and large swathes of voters get revved up and vote on election day and then tune out of politics for the intervening time. Ask lots of Obama voters now, especially the “youth” vote, what they think of his performance and a majority of them will have no clue what he’s been doing or what Congress has been doing since January 20. So while it would be nice to think they will pay for their mistakes they are now making, the cynic in me doubts it will happen.

  4. Incidentally, Mark, tag! If you do this sort of thing, go here ( to get your questions. If not, no biggie. 🙂

  5. Seven years. Five months to go.

    But it’s fun to pretend isn’t it?

    President Obama will be just fine.

  6. I really have no illusions that the Dems will turn On Obama in the near term but events will determine whether he “will be just fine” or not.

  7. As much as tea baggers, naysayers and Real Americans rail against Obama the fact is the part of Hell No offers an unpopular and singularly unappealing alternative. The GOP is, quite rightly, detested by an ever growing majority and a ‘Conservative’ renaissance is pure fantasy. Gun-toting reactionaries are the new poster boys of the right and the times they are a changin’.

  8. While Arthur is correct, that same growing majority is rapidly tiring of the party of hope and change. I think we will see a turnover in Congress in 2010, not because they think Republicans will save them, but because they want to try someone else.

    I think the pattern of party changeover will continue until both parties wake up and realize that people have had enough.

  9. Not in the cards Daphne. Sorry.

    The libertarian motto: ‘I’ve got mine, f**k off’ isn’t universal.


  10. Next best thing. I don’t avoid them.

    And I always, always vote for the school levy. Educating your children Daphne.

  11. Labeled a ‘liberal hypocrite’ isn’t a problem.

    Not by this crowd anyway.

    But trouble not Daphne. I forgive you all.

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