The Age of the Politician:


It seems that nearly everything in our narcissistic age has become an excersice in politics. Spin, the lure of the smooth talker, the subliminal art of the ad man selling…always selling. Our leaders in government, in the churches, in business, have become little more than the equivalent of slick  marketeers, promising what we know deep down they can never deliver. Yet we follow them. Do what they ask, give what they demand. Hoping that their well practiced pitch can deliver us from our own human nature.

This short essay at Architecture and Morality discusses the disappearance of substance in those whom we would follow. In our seeming desperation to be led by someone, anyone, who promises to fix all, we forget that it is the people who possess substance while those who seek to control them are parasites, drawing the life force that they lack from the rest of us, all the while attempting to convince us that they are our betters for doing so.


2 responses to “The Age of the Politician:

  1. It gave me the willy’s as well but it is how I view a great many people in this shallow age we find ourselves in.

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