On The Sixth Day:

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In my childhood of the mid- sixties, before what has become known as “the media” completely occupied the space that used to house our minds, Saturday morning was special. The rest of the week was mostly devoted to school, chores, homework, but the early daylight hours of the sixth day was all mine. Three or four hours of programming devoted solely to the fantasy life of an eight year old boy. And the advertisements! Slinky, Super ball, Thing Maker, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, all items desperately sought as soon as the ad men made me aware of them. Many in this benighted age lament that consumerism is the lesson that I was really learning on Saturday morning but really, what was so wrong with that? Wasn’t it ambition and dreaming big dreams being taught. I remember receiving a Thing Maker one Christmas and it is still one of the coolest things I’ve ever had. Making rubber bugs on an electric hot plate! It doesn’t get better than that as an eight year old. It could of course been much worse, as I am reminded daily upon watching the television fare served up to my kids 24/7/365.

So…for all you guys out there of a certain age, let’s pretend we’re eight years old, it’s Saturday morning, TV tray’s set up, you’ve got a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch soaking in milk because you know from painful experience that if you don’t soak it, you may as well be chewing broken glass. Jonny Quest is up next and…Oh oh, here comes my sister with her lame ass friends and they want to watch Bobby Sherman…CRAP!


3 responses to “On The Sixth Day:

  1. The Thing Maker! What an awesome toy that was. Saturday mornings were Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and, just to torment my little brother, Land of the Lost. The dinos scared him something awful. He still remembers and bears a grudge.

  2. Oh, and if you liked Jonny Quest, give Venture Brothers a try. It’s like Jonny Quest for adults – kind of the behind the scenes of JQ. The family of a super scientist plus his lethally trained bodyguard versus a super villain organization only with mostly mothmen as opposed to frogmen.

  3. It was the early 70’s for me, but yes, there was something magical about Saturday mornings. Looney Tunes, The Hair Bear Bunch, Land of the Lost, and, course, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

    With the 24/7 barrage of lame cartoons offered today, as you point out, the charm has been lost.

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