So I put a juicy chicken in the smoker this morning…

And here it is!


You’re probably saying to yourself “That’s just a picture of the Holsinger Meteorite that he pulled off of google”. As the meteorite and chicken are now indistinguishable, I’ll leave it to you readers to determine if this is actually a picture of what I pulled out of the smoker this afternoon.

Looks like pizza tonight.


4 responses to “So I put a juicy chicken in the smoker this morning…

  1. Sheesh, turn down the temp, big fella. What sort of smoker are you using?

  2. Something I picked up at a yard sale. I think I’ll get a users manual before my next attempt.

  3. Oof. I can relate. Nothing more disappointing in adventures in smoking than to haul out a lovingly marinated and spiced piece of meat after hours of waiting only to find char. My smoker doesn’t regulate temp well either. I’ve gotten to where I can do boneless pork roasts well enough to get a good flavor when I shred the meat. Ribs… charred. Chicken I’ve done well once. Turkey I do pretty good with, though I haven’t done one in the new smoker yet.

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