I want to…

The backyard boat builders of the fifties and sixties knew how to have some fun.

Can you imagine the fellow readying his fishing gear at 5:30 AM on this tranquil mountain lake, drowsily raising his first cup of coffee to his lips as he opens the cabin door to behold the sunrise, and then have this 3,000 HP slab of mahogany blast by the cabin just off the end of his dock at 170mph? The image is too priceless for words. Turn your volume up to get some idea of what it must have been like.

Sometimes I’m sure I was born thirty years late.


11 responses to “I want to…

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  2. Behold, the reason that modern hydroplane racing is a snoozefest. The boats lack the glamor and excitement that cannot be replicated with jet turbines and closed cockpits.

    They have fallen victim to their own quest for speed, and to the folks who want to make everything “safe”.

  3. I hear ya Buckskins. I grew up watching these boats race on Lake Washington. Seeing the driver in the open and knowing that there was a man piloting the boat made all the difference. They’re just machines now. Might as well be powered by remote control. Easy for me to say I guess. Those old open boats were damn dangerous.

  4. another reason .50cal machine guns were invented.

  5. that is awesome

  6. That was back in the days when your dad and I took you and Jane down to Lake Washington on Gold Cup day and stayed all day. What a party it was! Some years we watched from the deck of someone’s 100′ sloop out in the middle of the lake. Almost all the drivers are dead now. (mostly from hydroplane accidents) We got to know most of them through Billy Shoemaker. When Billy was a kid, he roared past the houses on the lake almost every morning in Big Bill’s speed boat. Big Bill had a covered boat launch built into their house where the boat could stay in the water all year.
    I hear Billy is back in Seattle now (without Cindy) after several years in Denver. One of these days when I’m up there, I’m going to look him up. We had some good times together and lots of funny memories buying, remodeling and selling houses.

  7. Aw shucks.
    Happy birthday Daphne!

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