It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature:


Via Instapundit: Proof positive that the apocalypse is at hand.

There was probably a time when natural selection would have eliminated from humanity’s already shallow gene pool the combination of DNA and environmental factors that would go into producing a person who’s adult life would culminate in the making of sex toys for dogs, but apparently those days have long past.

I’ve got a little tip for Mr. Giroto. ANIMALS DON’T FUCK FOR PLEASURE MORON! Ever seen cats go at it, or bull and heifer? Horses?¬† Yeah… good times. Dogs, indeed all animals with the possible exception of some simians, screw for procreation and respond sexually only to a female in heat. The hot humping action of leg or other animate or inanimate object that seems to so fascinate our intrepid inventor is merely dominance establishment. I hump you…you don’t bite me…I’m Alpha and you’re not. It’s got nothing to do with the dog having a case of blue balls.

If this erotic entrepreneur can convince a certain type of dog owner that purchasing a blow up doll is the secret to having a happy hound, more power to him I guess. No one ever went broke over-estimating the stupidity of people as the old saying goes. If I was the dog however, presented by my owner with this “device”, I would be forced to go “Cujo” on said owner and if he ever turned his back on me, well…let’s just say that he would be sorry for ever introducing the idea that my dick was for anything other than pissing on the tires of his car.


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