It’s 102 degrees…


Why are you reading this!?


9 responses to “It’s 102 degrees…

  1. Why? Well, to increase CO2 emissions. It’s my civic duty.

  2. Well… thanks for reading Andy. I feel cooler already.

  3. That is a way awesome picture.

  4. Because it’s too damn hot to do anything else! Except drink beer, lots of beer.

  5. 102? Heck, that’s practically sweater weather.

  6. Just googled “firey furnace” and there it was.
    I’ve drank so much beer today I’m sloshing Buckskins.
    Where are you from Julie? The last time it got to 102 around these parts was… never.

  7. I’m about ready to float away myself, Mark. I think putting myself into a stupor will provide my only chance to sleep tonight. It’s not supposed to drop below 70F tonight.

    Sweater weather, Julie? Good grief, where do you live, Death Valley?

  8. See, global warming is a good thing. Seattle, the new Phoenix.

  9. I’m actually from the Seattle area, but I’ve been living near Phoenix for a while now. Though for the record, I’ll take Phoenix at 108° & 3% humidity over 101° in Seattle any time.

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