Apply this poultice of cap and trade and call me in the morning:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

H.L. Menken   H/T Gerard


 Are politicians merely modern day versions of the tribal shaman? “Curing” ailments of their own creation with the end result being only that of maintaining their indispensability. I’ve long had my suspicions but watching them push the Gris Gris of global warming to a more and more skeptical public, I’m reminded of the desperate reaction of the shaman when confronted with the reality of a real doctor appearing in the village to treat the afflicted.

Take a look below at these two brief biographies pulled from Wikipedia.

Albert A. Gore Jr. 

 Former U.S. Senator from Tennesee and

45th Vice President of the U.S.


Born March 31, 1948 (1948-03-31) (age 61)
Washington, D.C.
Birth name Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” A. Gore
Children Karenna
Albert III
Alma mater Harvard University
Vanderbilt University
Profession Author, politician, Environmental activist
Religion Baptist (formerly Southern Baptist)


Richard S. Lindzen 

Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Born 8 February 1940 (1940-02-08) (age 69)
Webster, Massachusetts
Fields Atmospheric Physics
Institutions Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alma mater Harvard University
Doctoraladvisor Richard M. Goody
Notable students Siu-shung Hong, John Boyd, Edwin K. Schneider, Jeffrey M. Forbes, Ka-Kit Tung, Christopher Snyder, Gerard Roe
Known for Dynamic Meteorology, Atmospheric tides, Ozone photochemistry, quasi-biennial oscillation, Iris hypothesis
Notable awards NCAR Outstanding Publication Award, Member of the NAS, AMSMeisinger Award, AMS Charney Award, AGUMacelwane Award, Leo Prize of the Wallin Foundation
Religious stance Jewish

Both accomplished men. One in the discipline of science, the other in the arena of elective politics. One an average student and reasonably successful in his chosen endeavors, the other a brilliant student and scholar, recognized by his peers as being at the top of his field. One quite clearly possesing deep knowledge of that which he speaks, the other just as clearly a charlatan, spreading dis-information and encouraging fear among the villagers, thus enhancing his own power.

Via Maggies Farm, this essay by Dr. Lindzen regarding the hucksterism that is evident among the anthropogenic climate change humpers. Tell me why his views on the very subject of his expertise are casually dismissed by close to half the population, yet these same people will blindly follow the ramblings of one Al Gore on a subject that even they if pinned down, will admit he lacks any real in depth knowledge of.

In the words of the late Carl Sagan we live in a demon haunted world, with emotion and superstition playing a still leading role in determining issues which rightly belong in the realm of reason and logic. For all of the technological advances of western civilization over the previous millennium, we  still seem as susceptible to the call of tribe and shaman as were our ancient ancestors dancing around a burning effigy.


10 responses to “Apply this poultice of cap and trade and call me in the morning:

  1. What Gore and his ilk rely on is the fact that the average person in this country chooses to remain uneducated and ignorant in regards to such things as global warming, et al. They weave their web of lies and deceit, and the sheeple gladly walk into the trap.

    Although, with poll numbers showing that the current occupants of Congress are rapidly losing the support of the people, maybe folks in this country are starting to wake up and realize that they’ve been had, by both parties.

  2. Great quote from Menken. Speaking of hobgoblins he certainly had the ‘War on Terror’ pegged.

    An endless, inconclusive war on an amorphous, anonymous, opponent which our leaders can adjust as required.

    • Fair enough Arthur, although I remain convinced that some sort of representative democracy remains the best hope of turning the Midlle Eastern Arabs tendency to externalize some of their more distructive cultural psychosis inward.

      • Actually I was thinking more along the lines of NSA eavesdropping on all our communications. Removing ones shoes at the airport. Planning for a US military invasion of Buffalo. Harsh interrogation methods. Indefinite detention. Unlawful combatants. Etc.

        All the day to day things which can be adjusted, at a moment’s notice, to increase the population’s anxiety.

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  4. Good post. Nice imagery.

  5. If I was to believe the idiot left telling us that the earth is going to blow up any day now and the idiot right trying telling us that the earth is going to BE blown up any day now I would just return to the fetal position and go to my happy place. Fortunately, I have half a brain and think they are all suspect and in general, full of shit.
    Maybe I am part of the problem in that I only believe what I want to believe.

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