For optimum performance, apply directly to face…

It’s about ninety degrees and humid currently in my little piece of paradise. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Given that about nine months of the year a person requires gills (we natives have them… no seriously) to breathe around here, there’s worse things than a few weeks of beautiful warm weather.

face sauna

I’ve been trying to devise a method of getting Margarita into bloodstream in the most effective method possible and I think I have stumbled onto something. If I open mouth and eyes wide and inhale sharply as I turn the blender to eleven, I think it just might do the trick. I’ll let you know how it works out. Unless you’re from around here, don’t try this at home. I told you we have gills.

As an added note, both kids are gone with friends tomorrow so you know what that means!



5 responses to “For optimum performance, apply directly to face…

  1. Brother, you are speaking my language. We just had an extremely pleasant shower pass through here, things have cooled a few degrees and smell incredibly fresh, and I am halfway through my second Pyramid Hefeweissen – with lemon, of course.

  2. Had that shower pass through just after I posted. Reminds me of being down south. Drink in hand, eithty degrees and raining. Life is good.

  3. Hope you’re enjoying your kid-free day, Mark. Fire up that CMID (Cold Margarita Induction Device) and have a ball in this fantastic weather! I’m busy for a while, but the evening should see me in another beer or two. Cheers, sir!

  4. I adore margaritas. In martini glasses 😉

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