I’ll take four cards…


There is a term used in playing  poker called the tell.  A tell is any facial expression, movement, blinking of the eyes, anything really that is consistently accompanied with a specific betting action that will “tell” your fellow players whether you are betting with a strong hand or are bluffing. Everyone has a tell if you observe them long and carefully enough. Some, with much practice and discipline can hide or change their tell for awhile but eventually your tell will betray your intentions to all around the table. If you’re good, you’ll win the hand or game before your opponents zero in on your tell. Our President, fortunately for us all, does not appear to be that good.

Gerard has seen fit to alert his fellow players to our opponents rather telling tell, that of prefacing any particularly egregious stretching of the truth or outright fabrication with the term “Let me be clear” or sometimes “make no mistake”. As tells go, this one is becoming the equivalent of players around the table snickering and jabbing their elbows into the other players ribs as they encourage the rube to bet heavily. Substitute “players” for veteran Senators and Congressmen and you’ll start to see where I’m going with this.

It has been said (wait for it) that the true measure of being an effective leader can be boiled down to whether or not one can play five card poker successfully. After witnessing  president Obama take what seemed a very strong healthcare and energy policy hand into the final round of betting, ask for four on the final draw, and then wager like he’s holding aces full of kings, I’m thinking that perhaps good King Barack is more a Three-card Monte than a poker man.


10 responses to “I’ll take four cards…

  1. As a fairly successful real estate broker for over 20 years, one of the first important lessons I learned was to keep my political and religious opinions to myself unless with friends I knew were of like mind. Now that I’m retired, I can enjoy voicing my opinion and letting the chips fall where they may. (which I just did). M.

    • Where’s the fun in that? None of my clients read this crap anyway.
      I would never consider bringing up political and/or religious matters in a business setting, unlike most of my liberal clients and co-workers who just can’t seem to shut their traps in this regard. “Hope” this “Change” that, it never seems to occur to them that voicing political opinions in this context might be thought by some as inapropriate. I finally had to quit going into the office much as I grew weary of the continual asking for a show of hands during “business” meetings on whether everyone thought “O” was doing fantastically or merely wonderfully. It is actually printed in bold a-top our weekly sales statistics “Be the change you hope to change into being for changenhope…” or some such. There was a sales person in the office for awhile last year that wore a big “Buck Fush lapel pin everywhere she went. If I’d have been her broker I think I would have torn it off and stuck it in her jugular as an example to the other agents!

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