Individualism Has Left the Building:


Daphne at  Jaded Haven has a barn burner up regarding the increasingly obvious observation that us folks of a conservative or libertarian bent have missed the fact that the individualism this country was founded on has left the building of State, while we have become the devoted fans still waiting at the red exit to catch a glimpse of our idol, not wanting to admit that he left by the blue one without us noticing and is decades long gone. 

It is a sad thing sometimes realizing that your hero has passed. That sadness can be manifested by either desperately hanging on to the picture in your minds eye of him as always the young, polite southern boy with the soulful voice, satisfying yourself with cheap Vegas impersonators, or in recognizing that in his last years he had become bloated and debauched, his talent mostly gone, and that perhaps a new direction is in order.

The Republican Party has long since forfieted it’s position as representing those of us who seek a government that leaves the citizens mostly alone to live their lives as they see fit. Where do we go from here? Joining the progressive hive mind is not an option, for me at least. Gerard suggests perhaps taking the red pill and opening your mind to a new consciousness. Hmmm…I can feel it working already. Be back later.


4 responses to “Individualism Has Left the Building:

  1. Slaves.

    We’re all slaves.

    Thought I’d sum the ‘barn burner’ up for you.

  2. Not yet Arthur, not yet. It’s an incremental process. Like turning you into a good libertarian!

  3. I think part of the problem is that too many of us were optimistic for too long. We believed that everyone else would wake up to what was happening and cry foul. We hoped that the next Ronald Reagan would come down the pike to save us all.

    We were only fooling ourselves. The average person in this country is more concerned with Hollywood than they are with our government. The more Uncle does for them, the less they have to think. It’s easier for them to take the red pill.

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