Whoopie Goldberg, Soooper Geenius:

Via primo real estate blogger Christopher Fountain at For What it’s Worth:


“Remember this the next time she voices a political opinion.”


5 responses to “Whoopie Goldberg, Soooper Geenius:

  1. She needs to watch more Mythbusters. They re-ran an old episode just last night where they debunked all of the big conspiracy theories against the moon landing. But then again, they did have the help of NASA, so it may have just been another cover-up…

  2. You think she could be more original. Everyone thinks the moonlanding was a hoax. I’d have more respect if she floated the idea that Obama was the bastard love child of Sidney Portier and maybe Ethel Merman or something. I mean when you think about it, combining his traits of non-threatening blandness to us white folk and her stage presence…

  3. I watched that “View” show and Whoopie was just talking about a “movie”. She had no opinion of her own, only questions.
    By the way, loved the picture of your bedroom. It looks great. Glad you learned something from your father. See you in September.

    • True enough mother but with such a huge platform as she has, it’s pretty irresponsible to float idiotic ideas like that as a certain percentage of people will take it as an endorsement of their lunacy. It’s as if she said “You know, that Mussolini may have had a pretty good thing going. I’m not saying that I agree with him or that I don’t, I’m just saying he kept the trains on time is all”. By just “asking questions” about something that is quite obviously idiotic, you lend it a certain amount of legitimacy.

  4. You’re absolutely right.

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