The view from my window:


Living just north of the Bangor naval base, I have gotten used to seeing the big nuke boomers glide silently past before they submerge and essentially disappear from existence for the duration of whatever mission they have been assigned.

It is interesting that many of our visitors out here when confronted with the reality of seeing such unthinkable destructive power in one place often react with disgust or dismay at how this country can spend so much money on what they see as a technology devoted solely to killing as many people as possible with little or no warning. While this observation is true in and of itself, what they nearly always fail to grasp is that these terrible machines have in all probability saved more human life since their introduction to our defensive arsenal than any technology previously conceived by mankind. Given the nature of man to continually devise new and creative methods of killing one another and of the historical predilection for one nation or people to occasionally choose another nation or people for annihilation, the regular sight of these invisible ships on their way to place a very visible wall of infinite length and height between this unfortunate human nature and me and mine gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I hope it’s not radiation poisoning.


5 responses to “The view from my window:

  1. Freedom and peace through strength? You aren’t with the new program yet, are you?

    Apologize, whimper you’ll do better, and hope the beating isn’t too bad.

  2. Seems to be the fashion these days.

  3. While it’s unlikely (given the exaggeration of the Soviet threat for decades) the ‘machines’ saved ‘human life’ to any degree it’s certainly true that the ‘defense’ spending we’ve undertaken since the end of WWII (and haven’t significantly reduced even after ‘winning’ the Cold War) has helped make us unable to fund things we really could use in the fields of transportation, infrastructure and health care. And given the open-ended ‘war on terror’ we can go on spending on ‘defense’ at current levels forever.

  4. I get the same view from the window of my cabin and it never ceases to impress me. Even after seeing it scores of times I still have to photograph it. Somehow, it makes me feel safe

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