It was my understanding there would be no math:


From American Digest via Belmont Club comes this graphic that should cause severe anal puckering for anyone who currently has an income and understands the function of compound interest. Combine with this graph and short analysis of the runaway increase in the monetary supply over the past year and the mind boggles with possible outcomes, none of them very positive I’m afraid.

My grandfather, when he saw someone purchase something with money they didn’t have would shrug his shoulders and say in jest ” Well, you can’t take it with you”.  It seems the children of the “greatest generation” mean to take not only their share but the whole enchilada to the grave with them. We are well and truly follada.


5 responses to “It was my understanding there would be no math:

  1. I’m doing well Miss Dapne. Did my best immitation of a barbary coast pirate with all the boozin’ and debauchery in the days surrounding the fourth but I’m slowly coming out of the haze and preparing for Labor day!.

  2. Dapne…Dahne…Oh yeah, Daphne.

  3. Was gonna stay on the wagon tonight but since you like me…

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