A culture in which the Jerry Springer Show has lost its shock value:


Philosophically, I am very much sympathetic to the statement attributed to William F. Buckley that he would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty. My resolve in this regard however is severely tested every time I turn on the TeeVee.

Entering my kids room this morning, they are tuned into something called “Parental Control” , produced by MTV apparently, whose premise as far as I could gather is for imbecilic, white trash, malignantly narcissistic parents to attempt to choose a mate for their teenage progeny that meet or exceed their own very low standards. The “kids” on this program are invariably rude, spoiled, foul mouthed, and possessed of that variety of obnoxious false bravado that the hip hop culture has unfortunately bestowed upon a substantial portion of our youth. Personally, I would never stop beating these people if forced to be in their general vicinity for any period of time.

The gangrene that seems to be steadily spreading through our culture can by laid directly at the feet of that box that increasingly occupies nearly every vacant space in our national landscape. When will we finally tire of it, say enough, and huck them and the people who produce this trash into the landfill where they belong?


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