#@!!%**!!!%#@**!! Ah… I feel better already.


Via Tigerhawk comes this article regarding the healing properties of foul language. In mastering any of the manly arts of carpentry, mechanical repair, plumbing, (not so much electricians) etc., being  willing and able to swear a blue streak is as much a part of trade work as a sore back. While cutting loose with a good MF’n COCK SLAPPIN JERKOFF!! can be potentially shocking to the smooth hands crowd, that it can alleviate the pain of a thumb caught between board and hammer is a leason learned in the first days of apprenticeship.

So…to all of you assholes and jagoffs out there, if you’re feeling a little down or are in pain of any kind, swear loudly and creatively and maybe break something at the same time for good measure. You’ll feel better. It’s scientifically proven. Just like global warming.


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