I’m not seeing what you’re seeing:

I don’t get into day to day personal stuff on this blog for the obvious reason that any readers I have would find it immensely boring. That said, I’m going to make an exception this once and air some dirty laundry…literally.

My wife and I are not fastidious people. By that I mean we are not particularly neat and tidy. By this I mean that we are slobs. Any day of the week that we are not expecting company our home can be found in a chaotic state of disarray. Both of us share the unfortunate tendency to drop things where they are with the best intentions of putting them where they belong later. This doesn’t work in practice as well as it does in theory. With two pre-teen boys and their multitudes of friends, eight dogs and five cats free to come and go outdoors as they please, things can get out of hand in a hurry. Add to this that we live in the sticks on the beach with the attendant dirt and sand and the fact that I have used a leaf blower to clean the house should come as no surprise.

During the course of last evening, Michelle and I were discussing the need to perhaps stay on top of the cleaning chores with a little more regularity when she said “I cleaned our room this morning, did you notice?” I admitted that I had not so on my next trip to our room I brought along my camera and snapped this picture.


The mind is a funny thing, with reality and the perception there of often at odds. Particularly in a female of the menopausal persuasion. Having learned a thing or two in my 52 years on this earth I replied upon my return “nice job, it looks great” and then proceeded to finish the job when she left for work this morning. I may be a slob and a liar but I’m no fool.

Good thing Michelle doesn’t read this blog.


11 responses to “I’m not seeing what you’re seeing:

  1. That is great. 🙂

    I know the housekeeping method, only there are just 2 of us and 2 cats so I don’t have quite the same excuses. My main goal is to keep my house neater than my mother’s. If I have an available flat surface anywhere in the house, I win.

  2. May us younger men learn from your wisdom and experience.

    “Nice job, it looks great.”

  3. Any available flat surface is quickly filled around here Nicole!

    Experience maybe Eric but I don’t know that I can attribute to wisdom that which should come from common sense. Avoiding unnesescary conflict with a menopausal woman falls under the same category as not running with scissors or seeking shelter under a tree during an electrical storm. You can take your chances but serious injury or death may result.

  4. Yeah, that’s a good thing she doesn’t…

    Perception is a funny thing, you’re right; recently a friend of mine was discussing a “slob story” on her blog: somebody she visited and was appalled at the state their house was in.
    You’d think she was the neatest person in the universe. Then I came to visit her new house for the first time; they have 3 kids and no animals (if you not count her FIL, who occasionally comes to give instructions).
    Oh brother. Kids’ stuff was everywhere- on the kitchen counters, in the bathtub, on the stairs. Snacks mixed with crayons and those with pebbles from backyard pool. Unpacked Home Depot bags, baskets of dried but unfolded laundry – everywhere. Her kids are adorable, but absolutely undisciplined. There is no set time for meals; they eat whenever fancy strike them – and she cooks for them all day, managing to do some work (she’s telecommuting) in the intervals. It’s chaotic, in other words.

    I was extremely pleased with my own housekeeping, after that visit.

  5. Good God, man, but your floor is blue!

  6. Not just blue, blue rubber!
    S’matter, skeert of bright colors?

  7. Arrr, and she be like sleepin’ on the ocean blue!

    Do you just hose it down when it’s time for a cleaning? I must say I do prefer a more subdued color scheme.

  8. We painted the cabinets in our old place in the country club bright gloss orange, and I don’t mean burnt orange or some other such “lesser” color but ORANGE.
    Our realtor at the time advised us that this was unwise. Turned out he was right when it was time to sell but we are slow learners that way.

    You know, I should have sloped that blue floor to the middle and put in a drain.

  9. Nothing has changed. You are the slob of the family and also the smartest. I sure wish I had learned how to keep my mouth shut.

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