I’m having a few people over:

huge party

I’ve been working on a couple of things to post but the wife came home from the salon the other day and sprung the news that she had invited 75 or 100 hairdressers out to our place for a three day bash this weekend. “Oh yeah” she says, “since you’ve just been sittin’ on your ass pretending to sell real estate while scribbling away on your blogthingy, you can get the place shaped up while I’m at work”. So if you don’t hear from me for a couple days know that I’ll be pretty busy until Friday and then alcoholically disabled until late, late Sunday evening. So, if anything comes across the wire between now and then of an obviously inebriated nature, please refer to the last half of the previous sentence before passing judgement. Looks like it’s shaping up as the kind of weekend where you wake up Monday with one eyebrow shaved off and a couple of regrettable new tat’s in prominent places.

Happy 4th!


5 responses to “I’m having a few people over:

  1. My condolences, and I feel your pain. My wife hosted a baby shower last Sunday, so we spent the week prior seriously cleaning the house.

    The horse and I disappeared on the day of the big event, off to gaming day at Meridian Riding Club. Turns out my big ol’ buckskin is quite the chick magnet!

  2. 28 hrs. running. Pacing myself. Hope I make it until Sunday.

  3. Wow. And I thought my weekend was interesting.

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