Subtlety, thy name is Burger King:

Is this really what passes for cleverness in the advertising business these days? BKsevenincher

Look, I like a knobber as much as the next guy but please. Focus for a moment, I know it’s difficult with such brilliant and subtle sexual innuendo at work, on just what it is they are trying to sell here because I can’t figure it out. Are they seeking to equate the satisfaction of a good dick sucking with that of the consumption of  a meat sandwich? Or is it just that the brilliant minds managing BK discovered one day that their burgers looked vaguely penis like and thought that bringing this to everyone’s attention via billboards and bus placards would surely enhance their reputations as serious business executives and possibly even up the quarterly earnings to justify their year end bonuses to the share holders. If it’s the former and my wife is susceptible to the savvy ways of these ad geniuses, I’m afraid that my marriage will be the poorer for it. If the later, well…I’m not quite sure what to think other than that the graduates of our business schools that run these corporations could probably save a lot of time and money and learn much more about running a business by simply manning a drive up window for a couple of months at said Burger King.

After the 10,651st car load of hormone addled teenage boys sniggeringly asks for “the big seven incher…and hold the meat!!” then peel out without purchasing anything, perhaps they might re-think their ad strategy.

H/T to Maggies Farm for pissing me off this fine Friday morning.


4 responses to “Subtlety, thy name is Burger King:

  1. Excellent.

    Here’s a wonderful example of the lowering of the bar. The debasement of the culture. The sexualization of the mass media. Etc. Etc.

    Free market capitalism hard at work in the late information age of our post-industrial society.

  2. Free market capitalism also dictates that the consumer holds the ultimate power. 🙂 Think its dumb and debased (as I do)? Then don’t patronize BK. If enough people tell them their ad is juvenile and idiotic through a drop off in business, they will dump it or continue to see profits shrink.

  3. Preaching to the choir baby!

  4. I guess, looking at the copy above, they’re reaching out to women to tell us what we already know! But yep, it’s crass. Though where I work – in marketing – they were highlighting this as avant garde and the best thing ever.

    On your top post, I agree with the overall consumer culture sentiment you have going but I don’t agree with at all on the old countries. In fact I have no idea what you are talking about there. Unless it’s academics and journos who looked down their noses at the US? I mean seriously, noone does. Even Neda the kid shot to death in Iran was wearing a baseball cap and jeans. Probably why she was shot to death.

    I can remember very distinctly my cousin over from Detroit taking the piss out of all things British – in particular our manners and preference for polite or conservative behaviour. His attitude holds true of American views of the British. When I look at what we evolved into it was a quick drop of that conservative attitude to clue in to what was deemed cool. American culture. Like the rest of the world. If Im honest there is a *lot* to love about that, so don;t get me wrong here, but equally I lot to regret. I wish we had not hoovered up US culture via film addiction, rap, Playboy Enterprises etc etc and had remained a little more conservative, keeping titillation to the Sun. Noone reviles raunch culture, consumer and gangster culture as much as me. Why black (and white) kids need to pretend they’re from the burbs of NYC or LA, living here is beyond me.

    I had a friend here from Belgium today who said there’s no difference between NYC and London when you look at it commercially. He’s right. When I go to Europe what I like is how family and family life comes first. Not consumerism. Though sadly but surely that is starting to change.

    Great, great post though. Sorry for swaggering all over the place in my response but it is probably too huge a topic.

    You might also like to check out Tom Ford and his ad campaign last year.

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