Michael Jackson could sing:

Thanks for reminding us Sippican Cottage.


4 responses to “Michael Jackson could sing:

  1. We’ll miss you Michael, and now I don’t have to worry about my boy…

  2. He was some piece of work.

  3. I doubt you’d have to ‘worry about your boy’. The boys Jackson is alleged to have abused were encouraged by their parent(s) for a variety of reasons to have a relationship with the star.


  4. Oh Arthurstone – that was all a bunch of vicious gold digging crap, I agree. He was touched by genius as they say and along with that comes a level of eccentricity. But the man was a child. He never had a childhood and was removed from society as it is possible to be without any kind of normal guidance or normal friends. But a pdo? Nah. Bullshit. I think Jesse Jackson, a man I cannot stand, said it best: “We are out of our joy. He is out of his pain. … He was constantly challenged in the press and all he really wanted to be was the greatest entertainer and he was that.” It’s a pity America cannot find a little more charity for one of its finer artists talents, hoovering up the media spawned lies, while lauding that piece of worthelss human talentless garbage Britney Spears.

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