Forgive me…I got caught:





So… another high profile Republican, S.C. Governor Mark Sanford, has been caught with his dick where it doesn’t belong. What is it with these guys?! I can understand degenerates like Barney Frank getting busted with a ball gag in his pie hole while being boned by a team of miniature circus horses, hell I expect it, but when are Conservatives going to stop electing these ass-clowns who talk up family values only to invariably cheat, steal, lie, etc. on a level equal or greater than that of those evil Democrats who they are constantly decrying for their lack of moral fiber. Apparently Sanford left his wife a couple of weeks ago and then disappeared for some celebratory banging of his South American mistress with the excuse that he had “gone hiking”, thinking that nobody in the famously Republican tolerant press corps would notice. Way to go Guv.

With the situation in Iran coming to a head and a potential major scandal brewing with the Obama administration’s firing of IG’s, it looked like the mainstream press might have no other choice but to start casting a critical eye toward some of the more shady goings on regarding the gang from Chicago. Where do you think they will focus their attention now that they have another juicy “conservatives like illicit sex too but they are teh hypocrites” story. I expect the mistress will be making the morning talk show circuits and have a “tell all” book deal signed by Monday. Thanks for nothing pal.

The Republican Party has a death wish and until conservatives start running fella’s who can keep their peckers dry if that is what they choose to tell others is the moral thing to do and vote into office those who “walk the walk” of classically liberal values, we will deserve whatever big government buggery we get from the current administration.


8 responses to “Forgive me…I got caught:

  1. Miniature circus horses…the mind boggles?

  2. I had originally used Clysdales in the post but realized that a proud animal like that would have nothing to do with a creature like Frank.
    Miniature circus horses on the otherhand will do almost anything for a buck I hear.

  3. Yeah… I think the problem with values only voters is that they are largely, suckers. The folks who don’t lie and therefore don’t believe anyone else would lie about the beliefs they hold in common. So they get taken to the cleaners regularly. I wish as a nation, both parties, we’d realize that everyone is human and therefore, basically scum and villany. We keep expecting our elected folks to be saints with no skellies in the closet. Not. Gonna. Happen. Good, unsullied people don’t run for office because if there isn’t any dirt there there’ll undoubtedly be some made up along the way, ruining reputations, families and lives.

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  5. You’re so right Nicole.
    It seems we all want political figures just like us but then excoriate them when they act just like us.

  6. Thanks for the link by the way!

  7. I think conservatives are finally realizing what conservative really means
    Politically, it means being against any innovation in government. Consequently, conservatives who run for office tend to be religous, narrow minded and judgemental of others. Translation: a little stupid..

  8. How narrow minded and judgemental of others of you mother!
    As always you grossly misunderstand conservatism. Unfortunatly the Republican Party as it currently exists is no more Conservative than the Dems are Liberal. Pick up a copy of Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Annointed” for a consise read on the animating principals behind the conservative philosophy. If enough people get wise perhaps in time we can return the Federal government to its proper role of staying the hell out of everybody’s business.
    Love you.

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