“Let’s not start sucking each others dicks quite yet”:

winston wolfe

If you haven’t checked out Autumn People yet, Nicole’s latest is another of her thoughtful posts on our current political culture that takes a more philosophical tack rather than a partisan one. 

As an economic rebound starts to look less and less likely with the huge amounts of debt being accumulated by the current administration, there has been increasing crowing on the Right about how it is all “O’s” fault and that his actions over the preceding six months are entirely to blame for what ails us. Here is a short excerpt.


“Our government moves at a monolithically slow pace – which is partly why it has no business trying to run anything that responds to global markets on a hourly basis – and any success or failure of any politician can be traced back to policies that started rolling and decisions that were made before he ever got in office. The slate doesn’t wipe clean and there isn’t a restart button once a new pol puts his butt in the seat.

After a certain time, yes, the current butt in the seat owns the issues for better or worse. But initially, although I hate to agree with The One and his sycophantic cult, the issues facing a newly installed butt are those that were set in motion by the actions or inactions of previous butts – possibly several previous seat warmers. This economic collapse was set in motion long before Bush’s last 4 years, possibly even most of both of his terms, and a president doesn’t have a huge amount of sway over policy when Congress is largely of the opposite party. Let’s remember that while Obama all by himself didn’t create this mess, his pals in Congress and the squishy, spineless Republicans in Congress sure did do their part.”

The big government political philosophies of both the Left and Right have been decades in  the making and will take decades to reverse. The long march of the post modernists through the institutions that form our cultural perceptions will not be undone with a return of the same Republicans to office that have had an equal hand in creating the mess we now find ourselves in. The tea parties and similar protests by ordinary citizens are a good start but will be easily dismissed as the rantings of extremists and luddites by said institutions unless the number of people at these rally’s grow substantially.  

The post modern left chose to fight a long war strategy through the Academy and the media starting in the 1960’s and have emerged triumphant in redefining our culture.  The only hope for a more libertarian, classically liberal future is to learn from our adversaries and realize that a culture is changed not by blocking traffic and waving signs, or by standing athwart what is percieved by the culture as progress and shouting “NO!”, but by having at least an equal footing in controlling the narrative. Only then will citizens protesting the status quo be presented to the vast unprincipled middle as other than a few nuts and rabble rousers.

Let the fight begin, but understand that it will be a fight.


4 responses to ““Let’s not start sucking each others dicks quite yet”:

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  2. It’s refreshing to see the problem looked at with some common sense, as opposed to partisan whining. The current economic troubles have been decades in the making. Neither Bush, nor the “One” created this problem. Nor did the Republicans or Democrats.

    Society as a whole created this mess.

  3. People like to whine about the govenment messing things up but tend to lose track of the fact that they are merely a reflection of the general disinterest of the majority. We get the government that we deserve.

  4. I’m already tacking a few sheets this glorious Friday evening and the brilliant Nicole will have to wait until tomorrow when sobriety ensues for cogent commentary – she clearly deserves some respect for her thoughtful ideas.

    Your headline on the other hand deserves some sweet abuse, the political class live on their knees and gladly gobble the nearest dick offering favors or cold cash. Nothing new in sucking off the most expedient head in Washington. We elect experienced whores, what else what you expect?

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