You loook mahvelous:


Via Maggie’s Farm comes the burning question “why so many ties” in NBA games?

I apparently mis-understood as I could care less about the seeming statistical improbabilities of so much sister kissing. What I want to know is why so many TIES? In a game where the players are essentially dressed in their underwear, why the sartorial splendor on display by the coaches? In baseball the coaches are basically indistinguishable from the players except for their slack waistlines. Which by the way, what better look for said waistlines on adult males than polyester stretch Capri pants. Football coaches generally appear on the sidelines in one form of casual sportswear or another. Why do basketball coaches dress like a cross between a Wall St. investment banker and one of the wise guys in Good Fella’s?

What’s going on here?


9 responses to “You loook mahvelous:

  1. I like the way basketball coaches dress. Many European soccer managers dress nicely as well. Certainly better than American football coaches with the hoodies and the sansabelt extendo trousers. And there are few sights quite so pathetic as a tubby baseball manager headed to the mound in a windbreaker and tennis shoes.

    I saw Larry Brown in Vancouver BC years ago at Holt-Renfew where Brown was showing one of the younger 76’ers around the Armani boutique and he himself was adding to his stellar wardrobe.

    For my money Brown is the best-dressed man in sports.

  2. I like a well tailored suit as much as the next guy Arthur.
    I’m just wondering why B-ball seems to be the only sport where the coaches dress like adults.

  3. Many soccer coaches dress like adults as well.

    My experience is the basketball crowd is most sophisticated. Tied with soccer.

    Baseball second. Football a distant, distant third.

    Perhaps it’s of a piece. The hipper the crowd the more complete the experience they expect?

    • I just can’t get into soccer. They are probably the most well conditioned of athletes but teams play for the tie and the players have made an art form out of flopping to the ground in apparent agony with the slightest brush from an opposing player.
      No way for grown men to act in competition. Fine game for kids though.
      I’m with Andy. I know nothing about hockey but it seems a mans sport. Fast, skilled, and tough.
      How long have you been in the jet city Arthur!? I used to sneak into Thunderbird games when I was a kid and I thought I was a geezer!
      Basketball players seem to have more fun when they’re performing than players in other sports so maybe that has something to do with the fancy duds Daphne.

  4. Hockey, sir. The last sport for men, and the last great pool of real male role models in the world of athletics. The ONLY sport where the coaches dress like adults, AND the players act like adults.

  5. Hockey players act like adults?

    I guess you’re right. Used to watch the old Seattle Totems in years past and every once in a while the fighting would be interrupted by a bit of skating.

  6. Managers wearing uniforms in baseball date back to when there were more Managers who also played. Pete Rose and Lou Pinella were Manager/Player. Also, one must also consider the climate. It is much easier to wear a suit indoors in climate controlled 72 degrees and no chance of rain. Try weraing a Armani Suit in Green Bay late in December.

  7. What are you TonyC, some kind of engineer or something?
    I think you may have something there. I’m going to have to start looking at things like this in a more pragmatic, analytical manner.

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