Coast Modern:

arthur erickson

I couldn’t figure out how to embed this video with my mad computer skilz so here is a link to an interesting trailer for what looks to be a very good documentary on west coast modernism.

Check it out!


8 responses to “Coast Modern:

  1. That was worth the look. I like a lot of that style of architecture. I love cantilever structures. Architecture is one of the big highlights of any vacation for me.

    I have done a decade as a highway/municpal engineering tech, now I’m a bridge engineering tech, maybe I’ll swap to architecture in another decade. 🙂 I thought hard about architecture as my emphasis area in school but there wasn’t really a good program for that specialty where I was.

  2. Mouse over the movie at vimeo. Look for the icon that says “embed”. Click that icon. A page will come up with the embed code. Copy that code and paste it into the entry box in wordpress that IS NOT the what yøu see is what you get box but the one that will take code (look for it. it’s there.) Preview to make sure yøu’ve got it and then publish.

  3. The comment above has the code inside it.

  4. Haven’t heard of the vodpod. I’ll give it a try.
    Does it go on my browser toolbar or is there a wordpress toolbar.
    I’m kind of computarded if you haven’t noticed.

    • Cool, it works – I just tried it.
      It goes on your browser toolbar; go here for source and directions. Then try to open youtube, select any video you like and click on the Wordprss button you just dragged into your browser’ toolbar.The button says “Post to WordPress”. A window will appear that’ll ask you your wordpress blog’ URL and password. Enter, confirm at the bottom, then click another button for preview on your blog. It’s there!

      I came over here through a funny loop – first, weeks ago, I saw your comment @Architecture and Morality to one of my favorite *corbusier’ posts. Then yesterday I found Daphne’s blog and was reading through her archives.
      You owuldn’t mind me adding your blog to my WordPress reading list, would you?

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