Journalism 101:


For most of us, particularly those of us with a conservative or libertarian philosophical bent, the bottom dwelling nature of our media has been self evident for quite a while now. From an unacknowledged leftward bias to printing or reporting virtually anything that will increase ratings or circulation regardless of consequence to national security or personal privacy, ignoring barriers to what most of us would consider simple common decency, the media will do whatever they deem is in their best interest and then sanctimoniously rationalize it as the “public’s right to know”.  

Now comes word that pictures of David Carradine’s less than dignified final moments, in which he was trussed up like a roping calf to satisfy his auto-erotic sexual impulses, have been published. Granted these are tabloid type publications but in a time when the lines between what has in the past been considered serious journalism and the more yellow variety are becoming more and more blurred, this kind of utterly irrelevant sensationalism is becoming the norm. Is this something that we really need to see or know about upon the death of someone in the public eye? Why the need to snicker at and belittle a man who had a reasonably successful if somewhat eccentric career as an actor.  If so important to the “public’s right to know”, why not publish the embarrassing details while Mr. Carradine was alive to defend himself or laugh off the reporters of such “news” as the pathetic, bed wetting, girls restroom peeping toms that they are?

What kind of person enters the field of journalism these days? A profession who’s main purpose seems to be to mock and humiliate those who actually do something worthwhile with the small amount of time we are all given in this world.

Personally I’d rather be a garbage man.


5 responses to “Journalism 101:

  1. I think journalist has become for me the profession in which I would be most likely to hock a loogie into the drink of anyone who so identified themselves.

  2. I think the news moving more to infotainment started back when they had to make a profit.

    Along with that, society has become ever more invested in the misery of their neighbors. Especially those more successful than they are. Anything to bring down someone who is better off than they are in some way. As a result, society has become more and more jaded, and it takes more and more to keep the public’s interest and therefore keep the advertising dollars rolling in.

    “If it bleeds, it leads” has long been the watchword of the press. Happy puppy dogs don’t bring in viewers which doesn’t sell ads.

    Personally, I have no interest in seeing these either. Death, any death, should be allowed whatever dignity is possible. And I agree completely that journalist has become the top of the list of professions I think are wastes of oxygen.

  3. I heard an Aussie once call it the “tall poppy” syndrome.
    If one flower grows taller than the rest, cut it down.
    A sorry part of human nature.

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