“I don’t fear Sarah Palin, but I do deny her my essence”:


Like the insane General Jack D. Ripper in the movie Dr. Strangelove who famously attributes his sexual impotence to unseen forces who “sap his precious bodily fluids”, so the Left is ginning up the unhinged paranoia and hatred for all things Palin with her recent appearance in NY City.

Any reasonable person upon seeing and hearing Sarah Palin would conclude that she is an attractive woman of above average intelligence  who has accomplished a great deal in her 44 years. For wide swaths of the Left however her ordinariness and mainstream religious beliefs signal a hidden agenda to transform this 233 year old vibrant representative democracy into a theocratic dictatorship resembling something out of “The Handmaid’s Tale“. You would think that so called feminists could at least acknowledge her intellect and political acumen as a woman while at the same time disagreeing with her political philosophy. Instead they act like she is some sort of traitor to her gender out to steal the very essence of their “womynhood”. Of course self described feminists such as these that I run into every day living near very blue Seattle are not really women at all other than in a strictly biological sense. They can be more accurately described as Leftists who happen to have a uterus and when cut bleed pure political ideology rather than the red stuff like the rest of us.

There has been much talk lately about the desire for civil discourse between those with differing political ideologies but how do you debate the issues with someone when their opening salvo consists of “I don’t have to listen to your views or defend my own as you are an evil idiot and not worthy of debate”. I’m listening for ideas but am not very optimistic. Living and working among the blue I have mostly taken to just keeping my mouth shut when politics comes up while in “polite” company.


6 responses to ““I don’t fear Sarah Palin, but I do deny her my essence”:

  1. Sad that it has come to that. I too keep my mouth shut in company when I’m not sure of the prevailing political views. Up until a year ago I worked in an office where most of us where conservative or at the very least, not rabidly left and capable of reasoned discourse. I moved offices within the same company and same geographical area and now am surrounded by people who are incurious at worst, solidly and unquestioningly Democrat at worst. They hated Bush and love Obama because that is the accepted norm now. I’m not sure how many of them actually think about the views they hold. I think most of them just hold them because they are views that they have been told rational, intelligent people have.

    Makes it a lonely workplace a lot of the time. But better than no workplace.

  2. An iron rule of my grandfather’s generation was to never discuss religion or politics. Seems like the old wisdom is the best in most cases.

  3. The left do not like her simply because she does not fit their mold of women being downtrodden by men. She is successful, smart, attractive,
    and, horrifyingly to the left, conservative.

    For the most part I elect to remain silent when political discourse arises. Maybe that’s because I do not believe there is any discourse when the argument tends to break down into name calling and insults.

    Sounds as if your grandfather was a wise man.

  4. It isn’t her looks. It isn’t her preposterous self-confidence. It’s not that she wasn’t ‘downtrodden’.

    It’s her politics. And for me, it’s her incredible incuriosity. A person who gets her first passport at age 43 in order to visit Alaskans stationed in Iraq & make a quick stop in Germany isn’t yet statesman/woman material. It’s a big world and governing a state with a population less than a couple dozen American cities isn’t enough.

  5. Preposterous self confidence is hardly a disqualifier in politics. One need merely observe “O” in action.
    Disagreeing with ones politics is all well and good but it was the campaign of personal destruction the dems waged that disgusted me. The hypocracy and double standards displayed by the Left towards her were breathtaking and obvious for anyone of a fair mind. As evidenced by the recent broohaha with Letterman, she is like a scab that the dems just can’t stop picking at and it is only making her stronger and more formidable. If she has succsess on the national stage in the future she will be a monster of your own making.

    She is incurious because she had failed to gain a passport in her 43 years? Seems like a leap in logic to me. Perhaps like most Americans of her age her time was better spent making a career and raising a family than in taking trips abroad. When you say she is incurious I think what you mean is that she is incurious about what you are curious of. Another exapmle of leftist groupthink where anyone who holds a differing view or outlook is not simply mistaken but somehow defective.

    As far as statesmanship and experience, the argument has been made by many more knowledgable than I that her life experience is just as valid for a career in politics as either Obama’s or particularly John Edwards whom I don’t remember being subjected to the same level of scrutiny during his run for the Vice Presidency.

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