Velvet Elvis:

I can’t describe in words how awesomely awesome this is! And I hate the word awesome. I am fond of Cheeto’s however.

Via a very cool and intelligent blog by the name of autumn-people.

A short exerpt from “Cheney Whups Ass”

“Okay. So I never really paid too much attention to the man while he was VP. I knew his history and figured he probably had a pretty good hand in creating policy in the Bush administration. I figured he was just as corrupt as 95% of politicians of all parties, no better, no worse in that department. So I never got the hyperventilating from the left about him, though I found it entertaining. He was a VP – big deal.

Now that I actually paid attention to a speech of his, I get it. He is anathema to them. Like sunlight to blind cavefish – if they listened they might have to evolve.”


Go. Look. Hurry.


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