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The other day I wrote a post titled “High Noon” regarding the tendency of people to turn their backs on their protectors once they have provided for their safety, thus exposing traits in said people that they would probably rather remain in the shadows. Winston Churchill after WWII comes immediately to mind. I was trying to remember an essay on this subject that I had read a few years ago that described this phenomenon brilliantly but to my frustration I couldn’t remember the author or title.

Smitty at “The Other McCain” posted an article today touching on gun ownership and  2nd amendment responsibilities and lo and behold referenced the article! It was written by retired LTC Dave Grossman and really cuts to the quick regarding citizens and their relationship to the police, firefighters, and soldiers who do the work of keeping them safe.

Go and read the whole thing if you haven’t seen it before.


5 responses to “That’s It!

  1. I had read that awhile ago as well. I’m glad someone found it and linked it. I was attempting to reference that wolf/sheep/sheepdog item just the other day after reading your High Noon post and I just couldn’t get the same punch that went with the original.

    By the way, nice site and I am enjoying your posts quite a bit.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Nicole.
    I think I read the article by Grossman on Bill Whittle’s Eject, Eject, Eject site back when he was banging out brilliant 5,000 word essays in his Silent America series seemingly on a daily basis.
    Cool site you have by the way. I love that graphic of the ferris wheel!

  3. Whittle’s silent america series was a huge part of my conversion from a lazy Seattle liberalism to my current libertarian/conservative views.
    He is an amazing writer.

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