Into the Unknown:


I have two boys in their early teens who, having come into this world in my 38th and 39th years, taught me more about life and love than I would have ever thought possible earlier in my life. When hearing those life changing words “you’re going to have a baby” from spouse or doctor, we all at that moment must choose to throw ourselves into the unknown or make other “arrangements”, and stay awhile longer in in our post-modern narcissistic world of “me”.

Until I witnessed my sons being born I was firmly entrenched in that world of me. I am fairly certain that if my wife had shown the slightest inclination to put off parenthood until we were more “prepared” I would have gone along with those other “arrangements” without so much as a glance in the rear view mirror.

There seems to be a trait in my fellow baby boomers of attempting to manage all aspects of life rather than simply live it.  A desperate attempt to control the uncontrollable. While I am not a religious man I do admire the ability of many persons of faith to take life as it comes with a grace and gratitude that I see lacking in most with a more secular cosmic view, myself included.

They say that God reveals himself in unexpected ways and as I watch my two boys mature toward manhood I find myself increasingly grateful for who they are rather than who I might want them to be.  I can guide them but in the end they will and are choosing their own paths, determined by a map that only they and their maker can see.

As they make their way, so I continue my own journey into the unknown.


4 responses to “Into the Unknown:

  1. So parenthood is the only solution to ‘the post-modern narcassistic world of “me” ‘?


  2. Sigh…
    For me it was Artie.

  3. I shoot that longing glance myself on occasion Daphne being a never hitched happy go lucky tavern dweller at 38, married father of two at 40.
    Two years ago we took our first vacation without the kids after 12 years of marriage. We spent three weeks renting motorcycles and Island hopping in the Greek Cyclades. I think one more week and we may not have come back. We left our boys in the hands of our younger sons best friend’s mother, a Navy Master Chief, so they would have been raised right without us.

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