A Night At The Can Can:

 I found this short video of local “talent” playing at a club popular with the in crowd in downtown Seattle called the Can Can and couldn’t help notice the juxtaposition of the first two acts compared with the last. The first guy, who appears to be earnestly caressing some sort of giant squid looks like the kind of “artiste” who when asked why he plays or who his influences might be would mumble something about Heidegger and existentialism before stabbing himself in the thigh with a fork and rushing from the stage. The kind of guy who heads to the crapper with a copy of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” under his arm to spend 60 minutes pondering white male hegemony and why his macro-biotic-organic diet is failing to meet his goal of producing no bodily waste.

The second act can only be described as the waste product that the first guy does in fact produce.

I’m sorry but these people are taking themselves just a bit to seriously.

When you can’t take it anymore, which won’t take long, skip ahead to about the 3:01 mark and check out this kid named Vince Mira. I saw him perform at a 4th of July party that a friend held last year and he burned the place down. He was discovered a couple of years ago playing for change on a Seattle street corner. He is 15 years old. Just a kid with a dream and a talent.

The first two acts are obviously more concerned with being perceived as original or in displaying their unrecognized super musical genius rather than simply producing something someone might actually be interested in listening to.

I know which act I would pay to hear although your mileage may vary as they say.



11 responses to “A Night At The Can Can:

  1. Projecting a bit I’d say.

    I thought the guitarist was pretty good. I think I’ve seen him before. He may even build the instruments himself. The cellist and singer weren’t bad either. And the kid working through version 32,016,003 of ‘Ring of Fire’ was just fine.

    Don’t get out much do you?

  2. Arthur: After your thoughtful comment on the previous thread I was contemplating an equally thoughtful response when I recieved your most recent bit of nastiness. Instead I’ll just ask you to go piss up a rope and report back later. If all goes well perhaps we can get a grant and display the finished work at SAM.

  3. Awwww.


    The Youtube bit doesn’t really do the place justice. Though I’m in awe of your ability to ascertain a person’s toilet habits after one minute of video.

    Actually kind of a fun place to visit.


    Though you probably would have hated Can Can’s predecessor as well.


  4. What’re you doing here Art? I thought I told you to go piss up a rope?

  5. I’m reporting back.

  6. Buckskins Rule

    The first two acts (along with Aurthur’s commentary) further reinforce why I do not set foot in Seattle.

    Isn’t Vince the one they call Juanny Cash? Kid can sing.

  7. That’s the guy Buckskin. I have an old friend who hit the marriage lottery with a mucky-muck from Microsoft and they throw a big forth of July party every year at their spread out in Hansville. He played the shindig last year and nobody could belive that that voice was coming out of a fifteen year old kid. In my opinion he does plays on the Johnny Cash angle a bit too much though. I’m marginally on board with Arthur when he states “Ring of Fire” is a bit overplayed. If I want to hear “Ring of Fire” by a guy who sounds like J.C. I’ll listen to J.C. In addition to the Cash covers however he played some of his own stuff and it was great.

    Saw the video on your site by the way. Lookin good cowboy!

  8. Why thank you Daphne. Actually I’m not lonely at all. My social skills are exemplary. I get along with everyone.


    On other hand I likely have as cold a heart as a parking officer.

  9. No worries Daphne. Arthur doesn’t bug me at all.
    I came up through the construction trades where the “chucking of sharp verbal stones”, or sometimes hammers, was an every day occurance.
    I can duck.

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