This isn’t what you think it’s about:

404079342_46f755d355I’ve knocked back a couple tonight so if I say something here that offends any of our neighbors of a more northerly persuasion I humbly ask for forgiveness in advance. 

What the f*** is it with PBS’s “Red Green Show”?! I’m sitting here at my desk while this “sitcom” is playing in the background and I just can’t figure it. It’s not just un-funny, it’s like the anti-funny. Living near Seattle I’ve been to Canada a number of times and for some reason the women I have met in general have been fairly representative of  what might be considered sophiticated beings in North America.  The men on the other hand seem to be over represented by the type portrayed by the two dolts on this tv show. That is to say they act like the bastard love children of a software writing engineer and one of those hillbillies from Deliverance.

If this is representative of the best in Canadian television, I can’t wait to emmulate their healthcare model.


5 responses to “This isn’t what you think it’s about:

  1. Wouldn’t you know it. I have a few drinks and potentally piss off my most loyal reader. I just never got the show. I’m more of a Monty Python type when it comes to Anglophone humor.

  2. Mencia’s great. Ever seen Brian Regan? That guy is dangerously funny. Dane Cook’s early stuff makes me spray milk out of my nose too. Or it would if I drank milk.

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