Here’s a link to the local DoCoMoMoWeWa (Documentation & Conservation of the Modern Movement in Western Washington). Check it out if you are interested in mid-century architecture in our area.


4 responses to “Docomomowewa

  1. Mansard, huh? Who would have dreamed that those building have a name.

    I’m kind of partial to the quonset hut, myself. Maybe it’s because I like things simple.

  2. Modern architecture is all about simple if it’s done right. Check out the stair rail detail in that drawing of the mansard roof house. Just a simple
    three inch pipe bent into a trianle that derves as a rail for both the upper and lower stair cases.
    I always thought an old corrigated steel quanset hut could make a great mountain cabin. All glass on both ends. Put in a loft. Knock a deck out the side from the loft. The shape is great for heavy snow loads.

  3. I’m a Miesian girl. Sounds like a song by the Go-Go’s

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