No way to start my morning:

The title link on this post will take you to a moving essay by Dr. Bob at “The Doctor Is In” regarding the recognition of pure evil and how most of us (though not all) when faced with it prefer to call it something…anything…other than what it most obviously is. If you have a minute go take a read and come on back.

Every so often I come across something in my travels through the intertunnel, an essay, a picture, an observation, that will stop me cold in my tracks. Something that will cause me to pause from the routines we all settle into and reflect on how evil, and there isn’t really any other term for what I am talking about, can move so seemlessly in and out of our consiousness with little or no remark. A post by Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club detailing the final stages of the Sri Lankan government’s decades long battle with the rebel Tamil Tiger’s contained these couple of sentences.

“As teenager, a guy who lived through the Second World War pointed out to me the Bayview Hotel on the corner of TM Kalaw Streets and what was then Dewey Boulevard. It is nearly at catty corners from the present United States Embassy. He was a boy in 1945 and after the Battle of Manila was largely over, he went wandering, as thousands of displaced persons did, among the ruined buildings. One of them was the Bayview. In its scorched and blackened rooms he found the walls smeared with the eyeball jelly of untold numbers of women, who the Imperial troops had, in their last desperate sex and alcohol-fueled orgy, taken to the Bayview to rape and mutilate”.

The horror contained in this long ago memory is beyond comprehending. As I sit here at my desk and attempt to compose a followup to that thought I realize that there is really nothing more to be said. How do such things happen seemingly without end throughout human history? To linger too long on such a subject, to allow a picture to be formed in the minds eye for most of us would be too much to bear. Got to get breakfast in the kids and get them on the bus. Run some errands, get some work done. No time to dwell on the unfortunate realities of someone else, somewhere else.

And so it goes.


One response to “No way to start my morning:

  1. I’m at a loss for words. Very poignant.

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