Postmodern Incrementalism & the Banality of Evil:

Now that I have your attention by employing the use of a sensationalist headline…

I noticed this label on my shampoo bottle while in the shower this morning:
(OK, so I’ve got a little spare time on my hands. It’s either this or mop the floor.)

If you’re like me you are uninterested in the nine who “perceive” thicker hair but are rather more curious of the tenth who either has or has not obtained a fuller more luxurious mane through the use of this product. I’m sure this guy “perceives” the same head of hair he had at 22 when he looks in the mirror but he is mistaken.

In case you are wondering, this hair thickening product was purchased for a friend. I have plenty of my own thick shiny hair pal. Hair so thick it can wrestle you and a couple of friends to the ground with both hands tied behind its back. Blindfolded.


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