Unknown Architects # 2

Here is another great little modern designed by an unknown architect in 1953 on Bainbridge Island. The trees around the house made it difficult to get a good picture but both the exterior and particularly the interior are in remarkably original condition.
In an earlier post responding to an essay by architecture + morality I had mentioned that Green architecture was nothing really new and that many of the concepts of smaller building footprints, siting, large roof overhangs, radiant heat slab floors, etc. were originally experimented with during the mid-century era. The low sloping roof line facing south combined with the overhangs and large window walls keep the home cool in the summer when the sun is high and warmer during the winter months when the sun is lower on the horizon. There is also a series of louvers at floor height under the windows that open and provide ventilation. These economical design features were conceived in an era of cheap fuel and energy costs and are an example of the genius and forward thinking philosophy displayed by the architects of these simple yet sophisticated homes.
Currently for sale on Bainbridge Island just outside Seattle.
Contact me if you would like to check it out.


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