Unknown Architects

This is a little house I listed and sold late last summer by an architect that I had previously been unaware of. If not for the homeowners having a set of the original plans hidden in a closet, it is likely that I would have remained ignorant of his contribution to modern design in our region.

I Googled the name on the drawings and only came up with one result far from here in the northeast corner of the state. There was a phone number with the name so I called and left a message figuring it was a long shot. A couple of days later I received a call from Kurt O. Jacobsen and he indeed had designed this home in 1960 and about twenty others on Bainbridge Island before moving his practice to the small town of Winthrop in the remote Okanogan area of our state. He had graduated from the University of Washington School of Architecture in 1953 and worked under the noted regional modernist Paul Hayden Kirk for a few years before opening his own practice. Most of his designs it turns out were of a more traditional genre but as is obvious from this home, if his client wanted modern he certainly had the chops to give it to them.

Even in our down real estate market there is a demand for great mid-century design like this one as evidenced by the fact that this home was under contract two weeks after listing. It was purchased by a young architect and his family who plan on a few sensitive updates while keeping the original design intent intact.

If you are looking for something like this in our neck of the woods be sure and contact me.


4 responses to “Unknown Architects

  1. So, how much does something like that go for?

  2. This one went for 565K. It had a nice water view and beach access. The place was completely original. Cabinetry, finishes, etc.

  3. I was guessing $500K. It looks beautiful. Sounds like your market is similar to mine (Austin) for exceptional properties with a water view.

    Of course, we don’t have anything of that integrity built around Lake Travis (a few new versions based on old masters dot the lake, but not many) Our nicer architectural gems tend to be located near downtown and they generally start at $500k for 1500 sq.ft. – no view included, but damn, they’re fine.

    I used to be in the real estate business and developed an abiding passion for following whatever market I’ve lived in ever since. Loved the business, still love houses. I’ve owned seven and still have at least one more move in me – haven’t found the perfect house yet. The closest I’ve felt to perfect was an 1886 built, rambling Victorian, but owning a mid-century modern might settle me down forever.

  4. If you like Victorian Daphne google a little town about half hour from my place called Port Townsend, Wa. Pretty cool spot.

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