Hey! I resemble that remark:

As usual, Sippican Cottage hits the nail on the head.


2 responses to “Hey! I resemble that remark:

  1. Okay, I’ve done the tour of your blog and I think I love you.

    We’re in sync on architecture, politics and humor. Architecture is one of my passions, I don’t blog on it, but I read a hefty number of those who do and sift through all of the online mags and orgs focused on creating well thought out, beautiful spaces. I’m particularly interested in the “not so big house” school of well designed living spaces crafted in a modern/mid-century vernacular.

    You are going on my daily reading list and getting space on my blogroll. Beautiful site, wonderful blog.

  2. Thanks Daphne,
    I just recently came across your blog via Van Der Leun and it has been a regular stop ever since. Your writing is deeply touching. Aren’t you out of Texas somewhere? Great state but I’m sorry to say I’m an Okie by birth so it’s second best.
    I’ll be looking for your next post.

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