This is modern?

Growing up in and around Seattle for just over fifty years, a certain “progressive” social and political attitude came as naturally to me as playing outside in the dense, cold steam that we refer to as rain around here. That is to say, it was something that was unquestioned. No investigation needed. It was just part of the deal in living in this beautiful neck of the woods if you wanted to be accepted as a decent northwest native and not regarded as possibly a dreaded California import or god forbid from the south or some such backwater. We were the enlightened. Tolerant of everyone unless, you know, you weren’t from around here or were a “righty” or something. I mean let’s be reasonable.
I pretty much got over all that between 9/11 and this post.

If this seems like an odd beginning to an introductory post on a blog ostensibly about American modern architecture and design, it is because I see modernism in general as a gung ho, hyper optimistic, profoundly human attitude that reached its philosophical height with the drafting of the documents that founded this country and attained its highest form in the world of architecture and design along about mid 20th century in the US o’ A. Advances in science, medicine, the arts, any discipline you care to mention in this country post WWII until around 1965 or so were unprecedented in the history of humankind. The attitude that produced these advances seems to be in decline lately with the introduction of post modernism into the realms of philosophy, art, education, and my personal passion, modern architecture and design.

Modernism is not a look or an aesthetic, it is an attitude. So, without further delay I return you to those days of yesteryear with a video of my wife’s late father Ron Musson on Lake Tahoe in 1962 doing what came naturally to someone with an abundance of fun loving, risk taking, no compromise, thoroughly modern American attitude. Have fun watching then go out and take some chances of your own. I never knew the man but from what I hear, he would have demanded it.


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